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About Flexible Spending Accounts

  How much can I contribute in a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account in 2024?

The maximum amount you can contribute to your Healthcare FSA and Limited Healthcare FSA is $3,050.00 per year.

  What is the Automatic Rollover feature for Medical Flexible Spending Account administration?

The Flexible Spending Account program offers the Automatic Claim Rollover function because UnitedHealthcare is the administrator of both the FSA and the Company medical plan. Under the Automatic Claim Rollover function, you will automatically be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket medical expenses including prescription drug costs and in-network vision expenses without having to file a claim form. (Retail purchases of vision products are not sent to FSA automatically for processing because they do not directly receive the amounts charged to you). Similarly, out-of-pocket expenses of the CITGO Dental Plan will now be eligible for Automatic Claim Rollover on a monthly basis. Each year, you will be automatically enrolled in the Automatic Claim Rollover provision when you enroll in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account. If you do not want to take advantage of the Automatic Claim Rollover function, then you must turn off this feature online at or by calling UnitedHealthcare at 1-800-331-0480. If you or your dependents are covered under any other group health care plan, you should not use the Automatic Claim Rollover option. If this is the case, please contact UnitedHealthcare and make sure you turn off this feature.

  What should I think about when I make my spending account election?

Your 2023 FSA choices will not automatically carry over to 2024. Remember the Use it or Lose it rule! Elections are irrevocable unless you experience a qualified status change such as marriage or a new baby which must be reported to CITGO Benefits within 31 days from the date of the event.

It is always a good idea to use the spending account budget worksheets to estimate how much, if any, you should put into a health care or dependent day care spending account during the upcoming plan year.

For the health care spending account:

  • Even if you do not elect dependent medical or dental coverage, both your own and your dependents' eligible expenses not covered under any group health plan may be reimbursed through this account.
  • You may want to review your family's health bills for the last several years and estimate your expected out-of-pocket expenses for the plan year.
  • Include only those expenses not paid by any group health plan under which you or your dependents are covered.
  • Reimbursable expenses that you may have paid out-of-pocket for during the year such as co-payments, your coinsurance, deductibles, and plan maximums.
  • Other Eligible expenses not covered under the medical, prescription drug, dental, or vision plans such as: Lasik eye surgery, prescription diet pills, eye exam, eye glasses, (unless you are enrolled in the United Healthcare vision plan), and hearing aids.

For the dependent day care spending account:

  • You may want to review your records for the last few months in order to best estimate your expected dependent day care expenses for the plan year. The maximum amount that any family may contribute in one year is $5,000. Remember: If you want to participate in one or both of the Flexible Spending Accounts for 2024, you must make an election during Annual Election.
  • A dependent care flexible spending account covers qualified day care expenses for children younger than age 13 and adult dependents who are incapable of caring for themselves. Review the Summary Plan Description for more details.

  Is there any more information that I can review on the Flexible Spending Accounts?

Once you have set up a Flexible Spending Account, you may access your account information online by using UnitedHealthcare's Web site,, or you may call UnitedHealthcare toll free at 1-800-331-0480. Quarterly statements will also be mailed to your home. This statement will reflect your annual election amount, contributions, eligible expenses submitted and reimbursed through the end of the quarter, and the available dollar amount remaining.

  Is a debit card issued for the FSA?

Starting in 2024, a debit card is issued for the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).