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About Cancer Resource Services

  What is Cancer Resource Services?

Cancer Resource Services (CRS) is a program offered through UnitedHealthcare that provides assistance, information and access to top cancer centers ("centers of excellence") on an in-network basis if you or a covered dependent is diagnosed with cancer.

  Who is eligible for this program?

All non-Medicare eligible participants of the Company Medical Plan.

  What does is cost?

The program is included with the Medical Plan at no additional cost to you.

  Do I have to participate?

No, use of this program is voluntary.

  What is the goal of the program?

Cancer Resource Services is intended to help you understand your cancer care options. It is not intended to offer medical advice – you still make the decision about what care to receive and where to receive it. Cancer Resource Services has agreements with many of the nations' leading cancer centers otherwise known as "centers of excellence."

  Why are the cancer centers called "Centers of Excellence"?

  • Comprehensive, highly specialized teams of experts with extensive experience in cancer diagnosis and treatment, including rare cancers.
  • Second opinion services if you are unsure about your diagnosis or what treatment is right for you.
  • Experience in performing a large number of cancer surgeries and other complex procedures.
  • Patients often have better outcomes when treated in a cancer center that performs a high volume of procedures on a regular basis.
  • Access to new treatments that may be the best option for some patients.

  What else should I know about the Cancer Resource Services program?

To participate in the program you can contact Cancer Resource Services through UnitedHealthcare at 1-866-317-6359, prior to receiving care at a participating Cancer Resource Services cancer center. You can also learn more about Cancer Resource Services by visiting their web site at