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About the Vision Plan

  Does this cover Radial Keratotomy, Lasik, or other surgical procedures for vision correction?

Vision Plan does not cover these procedures; however, participants in the vision plan have access to discounts for surgery.

  How can I obtain a list of vision providers in my area?

You can search for a vision provider by visiting the UnitedHealthcare Vision website at or via phone at 1-800-638-3120.

  Do I need an ID card?

UnitedHealthcare Vision does not currently provide pre-printed ID cards for vision plan participants. However, if you would like to have a vision ID card for yourself and any covered family members you can print one online at . Simply click on the link entitled "Click Here to Print Vision ID Card".

  Who should I call if I have a question?

You should call UnitedHealthcare Vision at 1-800-638-3120.

  How do I file for reimbursement if I use an out-of-network provider?

  • Visit or and obtain the non-network vision claim form. Complete claim form along with your itemized receipts.
  • You can also submit a copy of the itemized paid receipt(s) along with the primary insured’s member I.D. number), patients name, and date of birth to the following address:
UnitedHealthcare Vision
P.O. Box 30978
Salt Lake City, UT 84130
Attention: Claims Department

  May I elect Vision if I am not enrolled in the CITGO Medical or Dental Plan?

Yes, the Vision Plan is separate from the Medical and the Dental plan.

  What is the difference between the basic and plus options?

The vision plus plan has some enhanced coverage available, including an annual frame allowance, a higher retail frame allowance, and full coverage for different types of lenses.