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Is there a PIN associated with the Health Savings Account Debit Card debit card?

A PIN is not necessary since money cannot be withdrawn from ATMs with the Health Savings Solution debit card; however, Fidelity has enhanced the security and you can now set up a PIN and make your HSA debit card even more secure. Call 1-844-201-8403 from your home phone to set up your personal identification number (PIN) – a 4 digit code that is now required at many pharmacies and healthcare providers. Select Option 1, followed by Option 4, to create your PIN.

Here is what you will need for the call:
  • Debit Card (number, expiration date, and security code)
  • Social Security number of cardholder
  • Date of birth of cardholder
  • Fidelity Health Savings Account Number

If you have supplemental cards associated with your account, PINs must be established for each card by either the account owner or the cardholder as long as they have the required information. Please note that your HSA debit card can be processed as either a debit or credit payment transaction. The card can only be used for qualified medical expenses, and cannot be used at ATMs or to get cash back on purchases.