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What are the key features of the CITGO SDHP with an HSA?

The SDHP with your HSA is a health plan that gives you more control over how you spend your health care dollars, or save for future health care expenses with a tax-advantaged HSA. Additional SDHP Plan features are:
  • 100% coverage for in-network preventive care that is not subject to the deductible.
  • Preventive drugs will be covered at 100% with no copay. This feature is available only in the SDHP plan. A list of covered preventive drugs will be available online.
  • A debit card to access your funds
  • Your payroll HSA contributions are pre-tax deductions
  • Interest earned on your account is tax free
  • Tax-free withdrawals may be made for qualified healthcare expenses
  • Unused funds and interest are carried over, without limit, from year to year
  • You own the HSA and it is yours to keep – even when you change health plans, jobs or retire
  • Nationwide coverage with the freedom to choose your providers
  • Traditional medical plan coverage of 80% in network and 60% out of network once the Plan deductible has been met
  • An Out-of-Pocket Maximum limits the amount of your annual out-of-pocket exposure